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Our firm will represent clients in all aspects of business formation,
management including the creation of a new entity, be it a
corporation, limited liability company or partnership together with
the organizational documents, such as by-laws, shareholder
agreements and operating agreements. We can further assist you
on the purchase or sale of an existing business. As to existing
businesses, we can assist you with any contract issues you have
including creating contracts, reviewing and negotiation of contacts,
creating or reviewing employment agreements.

The firm represents clients large and small in all forms of business
transactions that can impact your business.


Our attorneys have extensive experience with all aspects of real
estate transactions including financing, drafting and reviewing
sales contracts, negotiating agreements, reviewing lending and
mortgage agreements, title review and conducting real estate
closings, both residential and commercial. We are highly skilled
and provide experienced representation in all real estate matters.
With many years of experience in real estate law, we can help
you with residential and/or commercial real estate transactions. The firm represents several commercial and residential lenders.


Rizzo and Kelley primarily represents landlords in landlord/tenant
disputes and the firm represents several landlords with hundreds
of rental units throughout the Mid-Hudson region. The firm will
prepare all necessary notices and pleadings, attend all in-court
appearances as well as file all paperwork to complete the matter.
Our attorneys are thoroughly familiar with the new landlord/tenant
legislation and the Governor's executive orders related to evictions. During the present pandemic, it is important to understand the law regarding landlord tenant matters and hiring
an experienced attorney is key.


Rizzo and Kelley has provided high quality legal representation to
businesses and individuals throughout the Mid Hudson Valley.

We have extensive trial experience in the Supreme Courts as well
as experience handling appeals in the Appellate Term, all four Departments and the Court of Appeals.

We are prepared to handle all aspects of your civil litigation.


Our firm represent financial institutions and businesses of all sizes
in commercial litigation in the New York state courts bringing
actions and defending litigations. We handle all aspects of
litigation including discovery negotiation, mediation, trials and



It is important to understand that if you pass away without
having signed a will or trust, your property may not be
distributed as you intended. Absent a will or some other type of
lifetime directive such as a trust, New York State decides who
shares in your estate and not you.

Rizzo & Kelley can help ensure that your wishes are carried out
upon your death. We will explain the various options available to
you, such as a lifetime trust, either revocable or irrevocable, the
necessity of a will and the drafting and execution of a will. We
will discuss the options available to you during your lifetime to
protect your estate and health, such as Powers of Attorneys and
Health Care Proxies and the advisability of each.


It is very important to know your rights when facing criminal charges. Getting convicted of a misdemeanor criminal conviction can have an impact on you for the rest of your life. Contact Rizzo and Kelley if you have been arrested and charged with a crime.
Rizzo and Kelley has more than 35 years of legal experience in criminal matters.

The firm will provide a strong defense against all criminal charges, including drug charges, traffic tickets or violations, DUIs and drunk driving including underage drinking, sealing records, theft and burglary and juvenile crimes.

A criminal record can make it difficult to find employment, get housing or to qualify for certain loans. Our firm will work hard to protect not only your current rights, but future rights as well.
Do not speak with the police or the prosecution without an attorney being present. Our firm has extensive experience in trying criminal matters.



Our firm represent banks in all types of banking transactions, including residential and commercial closings, document preparation to ensure that the client’s rights are fully protected and in all aspects of lending transactions. The firm represent several banks in the Mid Hudson Valley and the Lower Hudson Valley area.


If you were injured through the negligence of others, you deserve to be compensated for the pain and suffering you have endured.


Our firm protects our clients in personal injury mediations, negotiations and trials involving motor vehicle accidents, premises liability and labor law cases.



272 Mill Street #2
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601





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